Fall Class Schedule Available
07/14/2020, 09:00:01 AM
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Dear Students,

I write today to let you know the updated class schedule is now visible through myUH self-service account.  As you know, the University plans to deliver classes this fall in one of three instructional modes. These are:

  • HyFlex courses have a safe number of students face-to-face in a socially distanced classroom, with lectures being livestreamed to allow additional students to participate in the class remotely. Lectures are also recorded for viewing by students online later if necessary, with additional course materials posted online that can be accessed anytime.
  • Synchronous Online courses have no face-to-face classes but do meet at a particular day and time in a virtual classroom. All course materials are available online and virtual lectures may be recorded to provide additional flexibility for students to view them later.
  • Asynchronous Online courses have no face-to-face classes or virtual meeting times. All course materials are available online anytime.

Please remember that when you review your class schedule, HyFlex courses will be listed as “face-to-face,” whereas Synchronous and Asynchronous online classes will both be listed as “online,” the only difference being a Synchronous Online course will specify a day and meeting time while an Asynchronous Online class will not.

For example, you might see a listing for:

TTH 10-11:30 Online
TTH 10-11:30 Face-to-Face

The combination of instructional modes indicates a HyFlex course.

Based on the new enrollment appointment date you received July 9, you may make changes to your schedule should you wishYour new Fall 2020 enrollment appointment is also available in your myUH self-service account. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions about courses or your academic plan.

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students who did not enroll in fall courses before July 5 will be able to participate in an open enrollment period beginning Monday, July 20.  If you have questions about open enrollment, call us at (713) 743-1010, option 7, or email us at uhour@uh.edu.

As you know by now, it is incredibly difficult to predict just how COVID-19 will impact us locally. The pandemic has affected daily operations at the University of Houston, and our teams are working diligently to accommodate the return of our campus community this fall. We are prepared to be fluid in our planning and are developing contingency plans as needed.

What will not change is our firm commitment to your success and providing you with the best possible education and resources available.  The CoogsCARE website is one such tool, offering support and assistance from UH and in the city of Houston.

With everyone’s help, we will move forward with the fall semester as safely and effectively as possible considering the pandemic situation that has so severely challenged our city, state, country, and the globe. 


Paula Myrick Short
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH
Distinguished Professor of Education

provost@uh.edu | 832.842.0550

This is an official message sent by the University of Houston. To verify the validity of this message, email security@uh.edu.