Fall Policies and Spring 2021 Update
10/28/2020, 01:00:02 PM
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Dear Students:

With the fall semester well underway and spring course enrollment approaching, below are several important academic policy updates and information regarding the spring class schedule. Student success remains our top priority as we continue to support you in making timely degree progress.

Fall 2020 Withdrawal (W) Deadline and Policy Reminders

  • The last day to drop a course or withdraw with a “W” for fall 2020 session 1 has been extended to November 17, as reflected in the updated academic calendar.
  • Excused absence policies were implemented for undergraduate and graduate students starting in the fall 2020 semester. Absences will be excused as provided in the Undergraduate Excused Absence Policy and Graduate Excused Absence Policy, both of which can be found here.
  • The Interim Undergraduate Grade Policy is in place through the fall 2020 semester. This provides students with the option to choose Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NCR) grading on a course-by-course basis and applies to all undergraduate students in courses offered in all sessions during the fall 2020 semester. Students are encouraged to review the policy as well as the FAQs. Grading for graduate and professional courses during the fall semester will be guided by the established Grading Policies in the Graduate Catalog. 

Spring 2021 Class Schedule

The spring 2021 class schedule will be published on October 30 and priority enrollment begins on November 13. Course delivery options in the spring will continue to prioritize student choice, accommodate health and safety concerns, and allow the University to make rapid adjustments if needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No classes will be canceled because of the ongoing pandemic, rather only the mode of instruction may change.

Providing a variety of options to meet students’ needs, the spring schedule will now include traditional face-to-face courses, as well as HyFlex, hybrid, online synchronous, and online asynchronous courses. Detailed information regarding the spring schedule and enrollment appointments will be provided this week by the Office of the University Registrar.  

Please email your questions to springclasses@uh.edu. I wish you the best as you complete the fall semester.

Warm regards,

Paula Myrick Short
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH
Distinguished Professor of Education

provost@uh.edu | 832.842.0550

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