10/29/2020, 09:00:02 AM
University of Houston

Hello, Campus Community,

As the University of Houston’s Vice President for Medical Affairs, I want to congratulate everyone for your diligence and the precautions you’ve taken against the spread of COVID-19.  I’m pleased to say that, relatively speaking, we are doing well and our campus hasn’t endured any significant outbreaks. But I also need to add the important words “so far."

Unfortunately, there are indications that another surge in COVID-19 infections is underway nationally, in our state, and in our region. Add to that cooler weather and spending more time indoors, and such social attractions as Halloween and, in our own case, Homecoming, and we have the very real potential for increased exposure and infection.  How disappointing it would be to have worked so conscientiously up till now then to let our guard down and risk the impressive progress we have made.

With that in mind, let me strongly urge you to continue your good habits.  

Wash your hands. Wear your masks.  Keep your distance.  Don’t go out if you’re ill.  Get tested, if you have symptoms or have been exposed.  Report confirmed contacts and respect quarantine procedures. The details are available on our UH COVID-19 website.  And let me also encourage you to get a flu shot if you haven’t done so yet.

We know these safeguards are effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19 infection, but we have to actively practice them, day in and day out.  I realize that a certain level of “pandemic fatigue” has set in, and it may be challenging for some to continue the same level of dedication and responsibility.  But I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to keep up our guard. The consequences of not continuing to regulate this pandemic will be substantially worse than whatever weariness we may be experiencing. Remember:  you may be fatigued, but the virus is not.

I hope you will all join me in renewing our mutual commitment to stay “Coog Strong, Mask On” and keep our University as safe and as healthy as it can be.

Kind regards,

Stephen J. Spann, M.D., M.B.A.
Founding Dean, College of Medicine
Vice-President for Medical Affairs
Humana Endowed Dean’s Chair in Medicine
Phone (713) 743-7047
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