University of Houston

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As the University of Houston prepares to re-open the campus, there will be some adjustments to the level of services that are available to match the current environment and resources.

The COVID-19 event has stretched resources, and our current focus is on supporting increased sanitization (hand sanitization stations, sanitizing wipes, frequent wiping down of common touch points), students who remain in campus housing and the University’s reopening research activities. This will result in minimal custodial services to the rest of campus for the summer. 

We ask that Colleges and Departments start planning now to identify individuals that will be returning to normal work spaces as the University phases in our on-campus operations as outlined in President Khator’s email today. This information should be passed to your building coordinator, who is asked to coordinate with F/CM (faccomm@Central.UH.EDU) to capture this information for the campus. This will help us better plan and allocate our limited staff to support the campus on your return.  

To better help everyone understand what changes to expect, the following link: Summer 2020 Custodial Service Levels outlines the level of custodial services that will be provided to E&G buildings, offices, classrooms, conference rooms, breakrooms, and other areas for the remainder of the summer. 

We appreciate your support and patience as we begin phasing in University operations. If you have any questions, please reach out to FIXIT.


David Oliver
Associate Vice President for Facilities
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