New CFO Newsletter Debuts Today
03/01/2019, 10:10:01 AM
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October 2018

Welcome to the inaugural issue of A&F S.P.I.R.I.T.!

As the signature leadership communication representing all facets of the Division, I am pleased to announce the debut of this monthly communication, which showcases the essence of our Division’s strategic goals in action following our celebratory annual fiscal year 2019 A&F Kickoff event held earlier this month.

Today’s launch is an opportunity to bring greater awareness, engagement and connectivity about how each one of you through your daily roles individually and collectively through team, program areas and departmental collaboration— contribute in a valuable way to our overall success.

Strategically speaking, editorial content will feature highlights, news and updates in support of our S.P.I.R.I.T. strategic goals aligned with the University’s mission, vision and core values, notably:

  • Service Excellence
  • Progressive Culture of Sustainability
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Retention & Engagement Practices that support Employee Development
  • Impactful, Data-driven Goals; and
  • Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion in our Departments and Programs

As the pivotal representation of success stories across the division, your suggestions and feedback are most welcome. I encourage each of you to learn more about the milestones, initiatives and vision path forward and how you can further contribute toward continual improvement, collaborative teamwork and strategic success in the A&F S.P.I.R.I.T. of Service Excellence!

Best regards,

Jim McShan
Senior Vice Chancellor and
Senior Vice President

Key Highlights

Faculty Emergency Preparedness Safety
Symposium Provides Engagement Opportunity

As part of the recently launched Faculty Emergency Response initiative, two Safety Symposiums were held over the last two months by the Department of Campus Safety Office of Emergency Management in collaboration with the University of Houston Police Department and the Fire Marshal’s office, among other key stakeholders, to provide valuable resources and information for faculty. Check out the newly launched Faculty Emergency Preparedness Website for more detail.

Strategic Vision Plan Outlines
a Bold Future for Campus Dining Program

Following months of in-depth research and analysis – including a massive data collection effort that placed a heavy emphasis on the opinions of University of Houston students – a bold new vision for transforming campus dining has been unveiled. UH Dining Services, in collaboration with Auxiliary Services and University leadership, developed the five-year plan, which will modernize the dining program while balancing the diverse needs of the growing campus population.

New Cougar Corner Debuts Customized
Caffeine Options at U
H Sugar Land

The University of Houston at Sugar Land proudly debuted the new Cougar Corner, a premier coffee shop serving Starbucks coffee in grande or tall order, along with a myriad of customized extra-whip, low-fat, pumpkin-spiced orders by your favorite local baristas.

Cougar Ride Offers After-Hours Campus Transportation Service Seven Days a Week

Launched in tandem with the annual Walk in the Dark event this month, this new pilot program is a collaborative effort toward on-campus options for after-hours transportation. "Cougar Ride represents another way we are providing innovative after-hours transportation options for the campus community," said Bob Browand, UH Parking & Transportation Services. "Through this pilot service offering, we will use valuable participant feedback from awareness events with our partners in support of the Walk in the Dark to adequately assess plans going forward."

A&F Accolades

Building Tomorrow: Turner Construction
and UH’s Groundbreaking Partnership

Learn how the UH HUB & Turner Construction collaboration built a framework for success for the Fertitta Center Project in this month’s issue of SUBCONTRACTORS USA.

A&F Division Expertise Showcased
at Annual NACAS C3X Conference

From Auxiliary Services to University Services to A&F Communications, UH A&F Office of Administration colleagues presented at five educational sessions providing University expertise and best practice knowledge at the nationally renowned National College of Auxiliary Services 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in October.  

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