Our Next Strategic Plan: Dare to Dream
01/15/2020, 09:00:02 AM


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

The University of Houston is beginning the new year and the next decade with a bold mission that requires the contributions of our entire UH community. We are embarking on the development of UH100: Dare to Dream, the university-wide strategic plan that will guide us to our centennial and beyond. 

Your participation is essential. Over the next several weeks, I will call on you to bring forth your boldest, most creative ideas on how UH can improve the city and world in which we live and serve. We will begin with a series of listening sessions to solicit your ideas and input. From these ideas, broad themes and priorities will emerge. These themes will be refined to form a basis for UH100: Dare to Dream, which we will finalize by the end of 2020. UH100: Dare to Dream will guide new strategic plans to be developed by colleges and other UH units. 

Since the last strategic plan of 2009, UH has accomplished feats we would never have thought possible. Through planning and working hard as a team – and daring to dream – UH has made itself into a vital resource for student learning, workforce development, research, innovation, and service to Houston and beyond. Guided by the previous strategic plan, we have achieved much over the last decade:

  • Attained Tier One status and achieved national and international recognition as an academic and research university that is setting new standards for excellence.

  • Established a College of Medicine that will meet the increasing wellness needs of our surrounding communities and beyond.

  • Earned a prestigious Phi Beta Kappa chapter.

  • Set records in obtaining faculty research awards.

  • Raised our six-year graduation rates to the top quartile of public universities through programs such as Houston GPS and UHin4.

  • Exceeded our fundraising goals of the “Here, We Go” campaign.

  • Improved the working environment for faculty and staff by providing competitive salaries, networking opportunities, child care services, and more flexible pathways to career advancement.

  • Improved and expanded our University technology and infrastructure to accommodate our growing student population, meet research facility needs, and elevate the quality of our working and learning environments.

As you can see, the University has become stronger, with the credentials and resources needed to move boldly into our second century. Now, with your help, our task is to decide where to focus the next generation of the University’s priorities and ambitions as we build UH100: Dare to Dream

This is your opportunity to have a profound and lasting impact on our University. I hope each of you will lend your support to UH100: Dare to Dream, to the centennial and beyond. For more information about the UH100: Dare to Dream process and timelines, visit uh.edu/daretodream.

Warm regards,

Paula Myrick Short
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH

provost@uh.edu | 832-842-0550

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