Coog Strong
08/24/2020, 09:00:01 AM
University of Houston

Dear Student,

Welcome to the first day of classes for the fall 2020 semester! We know this semester will be a lot different than what you were hoping for, but we are confident that despite the challenges we continue to face, it will be another excellent semester at the University of Houston.

If you are a new student, we are thrilled that you have chosen to be a Coog. If you're a returning student, we are happy to have you once again in our classrooms, whether they be face-to-face or virtual.

We want you to join our rally cry this fall: Coog Strong, Mask On. It is our mission to defeat COVID-19, and to do that, the entire UH community must come together to protect the safety and health of every Coog.

Our first line of defense against COVID-19 is to wear a mask. The University's face covering policy is in effect, and masks or some kind of face covering is required while on campus in many circumstances, including while in classrooms and other indoor public areas and outdoors when social distancing is not maintainable. We expect each faculty, staff member and student to follow this rule, as well as to respect social distancing guidelines and the University's rules for public gatherings and events.

Remember that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and avoid contact with others. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, report it through the UH COVID-19 website.

We are all responsible for helping defeat COVID-19. What you do while on campus — but also, importantly, off campus — will affect everyone you come into contact with during this pandemic. Practice safe measures wherever you are.

This is how we will flatten the curve in Houston.

Thank you to every student who has completed the online COVID-19 training. If you have not done so, please log into Access UH and then MyUH and complete this training today.

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services offices are open and staffed for in-person services, as well as virtual services, and we remain committed to offering you the support and programs you need — whether that's counseling, recreational respite, or career advice. Our Division has numerous departments dedicated to helping you succeed.

The health pandemic continues to be a fluid situation, and the University will adapt as necessary. We ask that you remain vigilant, wear your face coverings, and practice preventive measures. With your cooperation, we will be Coog Strong.

Have a great fall semester!

Richard Walker, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, UH System
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, UH
Phone: 713-743-5390
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