Kudos on Top U.S. News Online Ranking!
01/27/2021, 12:50:01 PM
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Jan. 27, 2021


I’m pleased to share that U.S. News & World Report has released its 2021 list of the best online master’s degree programs in education, and our programs are ranked No. 7 out of nearly 300. The strong showing is a testament to your deep commitment to high-quality instruction, ongoing technical and instructional design support, and collaboration with each other to share best practices.

The ranking covers our online M.Ed. programs in curriculum and instruction, higher education and special populations (including the CUIN online specializations in early childhood; math; literacy; learning, design and technology; bilingual/ESL; and health science education; and the special pops specializations in special education and gifted and talented).

We’ve moved up from No. 8 in 2020. Our ranking reflects a high graduation rate (93%); low class sizes (13 students on average); the use of varied technology and support services; and more. I encourage you to review the methodology and the UH press release, which includes this testimonial from a student:

“I was worried about the depth of learning that could be accomplished in an online platform and the quality because you’re still paying the same tuition. You want to know you’re going to come out with the skills and the knowledge, career opportunities and connections you would get in person. I have found across the board that has stayed consistent. The program has a ton of substance. I have been so pleased.”

It’s clear the pandemic has changed teaching and learning for the long term. Despite the understandable Zoom/Teams fatigue, I urge you to remain relentless in innovating to give our students the best possible experience. Please let me, the chairs or your supervisors know if there are additional resources or trainings that would help.

Onward with pride,

Dean Robert McPherson
UH College of Education

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