Equity Work Phase Two
03/08/2021, 09:30:01 AM
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March 8, 2021


We are pleased to launch the next phase of our ending inequities and racial justice work, focused on strategic planning, thoughtful implementation and meaningful action, building on the work of the Ending Inequities Committee last semester.

Clinical Assistant Professor Tiffany J. Davis and Clinical Associate Professor Sam Brower will continue to lead the newly renamed Committee to Advance Equity, Justice, and Belonging, steering the initiative and reporting to Dean McPherson.

The new name of the committee best reflects our goal to promote positive change toward equity, justice, and belonging for all. Through the work of the committee, we strive to make the College a more equitable and inclusive culture for students, staff and faculty to learn and work. We also are committed to equipping our COE community with the skills and resources to translate this equity-mindedness into leadership, teaching and research practices within their spheres of influence. Together, these efforts support the College’s mission to improve health and educational outcomes in Houston and beyond.

Tiffany and Sam are in touch with the original committee members to discuss continuing their service. The committee will communicate with the FEC, Staff Council and other stakeholders to facilitate collaboration and coordination of related initiatives. We also will provide periodic updates of the committee’s work to the broad COE community.

If you are interested in participating in one of the committee’s working groups, please fill out this brief form.

Committee Co-Leads

Tiffany J. Davis

Clinical Assistant Professor Tiffany J. Davis, who joined the College in 2017, serves as director of the M.Ed. in higher education program. Addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion across the P-16 pipeline remains the cornerstone of her professional identity.

In Her Words: “Given the disproportionate negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for and ongoing racial injustice toward Black and Brown communities, our nation is at an inflection point. There is an imperative for equity, justice and healing that requires collective work and accountability. I am inspired to do the work that helps curate and sustain environments that promote access, opportunity and liberation for all.”


Sam Brower

Clinical Associate Professor Sam Brower, who joined the College in 2012, serves as director of the M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction program. His work is situated at the intersection of critical and culturally responsive pedagogy, social studies education and teaching for justice.

In His Words: “As a former high school social studies teacher, I observed firsthand the need for transformative pedagogical practices that support student empowerment. I see the work of the committee similarly. It is important as a College for us to challenge the traditionally exclusionary practices and culture in academia to make it a more welcoming space for all.”

In line with the College’s strategic plan, we look forward to working together to empower collective action toward a more equitable and just world.


Bob McPherson
Tiffany J. Davis
Sam Brower

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