Water and Heat Outage

Dear Residents,

The University of Houston is experiencing considerable disruptions as a result of power outages and low water pressure on campus. These issues are citywide and cannot be mitigated. We anticipate a majority of the campus will lose heat in buildings, hot water, drinking water and the ability to flush toilets in the coming hours due to low water pressure across the city of Houston.

The UH central plant, which supplies steam to heat buildings and hot water throughout campus cannot operate withing the low water pressure currently being experienced throughout Houston. This will cause a significant impact to buildings across campus. We expect the following to occur as a result of low water pressure in Houston and its impact to the UH central power plant:

  • A majority of UH buildings will lose heat
  • A majority of UH buildings will not have hot water
  • A majority of UH buildings will lose the ability to flush toilets

We have moved a significant number of our campus residents already impacted by the loss of power to other residence halls. In the residence halls impacted by this latest water and heat issue, we may be asking or requiring that rooms in facilities with heat be reconfigured to accommodate more students. We understand this is not ideal due to COVID-19 concerns, but we are making every effort to accommodate all students with health and safety considerations in mind.

Please be assured that the University of Houston is exhausting all options in an effort to keep our students and campus community safe. Your health and safety are our first consideration.

While the most immediate impact of heat and water issues will be felt with our on-campus residents and dining services, this is a campus-wide issue that we expect will impact all on-campus facilities.

Our Emergency Operations team and department liaisons are addressing issues as they arise, to the extent possible. We appreciate your patience as well get through this unprecedented winter weather situation together.

To minimize risk, we also encourage you to: 

  • Dress in warm, layered clothing, including gloves, a coat, and a hat when you are outside.  
  • Remember that vehicles, during cold weather, can act as refrigerators and expose individuals to sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Never use a generator, grill, camp-stove, candles, or any gasoline, propane, natural gas, or charcoal-burning device to heat your unit (or any enclosed area). These devices can generate carbon monoxide, which cannot be seen or smelled but is deadly.
  • Remain socially distant and wear face coverings while in public.

If you need assistance, contact your hall front desk or your Residential Life Coordinator.

Student Housing & Residential Life

This is an official message sent by the University of Houston. To verify the validity of this message email security@uh.edu.

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