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04/08/2020, 11:00:01 AM
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Answers for PIs Regarding Research Continuity

We continue to send you regular operational updates on the effects of COVID-19 on our research enterprise. If you would like to review previous communications, visit our Additional Resources page.

Read VP Elnashai's April 7 letter to the research community

Campus News

Stress Test: Putting Stress of Pandemic, Quarantine to Good Use

As social distancing directives continue and COVID-19 diagnoses mount, so do our stress levels. Ezemenari Obasi, a counseling psychology professor and director of the HEALTH Research Institute at the University of Houston, suggests that people can manage stress by putting it to good use. 

How Have COVID-19, Low Energy Prices Affected the Energy Workforce?

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid drop in oil prices have combined to create unprecedented challenges for the energy industry. A University of Houston-led survey of workers released today found that workers give their employers high marks for how they have handled the crisis but are far less optimistic about their job security and the future of the industry as a whole.

Big Idea Blog: Are You “Essential Research Personnel”?

Many researchers have begun to work from home due to the novel new virus, COVID-19, with only essential personnel able to work on university campuses. For a researcher, what is considered “essential personnel”? Isn’t all research essential to the workings of a public research university?

Upcoming Events

Online: Reconstructing Ancient Syria
Thursday, April 9
11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Online: VPR Virtual Office Hours
Friday, April 10
12 p.m.-12:30 p.m.
A weekly Q&A Session for the UH Research Community to ask questions to the DOR leadership
Join the UH Research and Innovation Teams site to access the Zoom meeting

Online: Identifying Grant Opportunities Using PIVOT and GrantForward
Monday, April 20
1 p.m.-2 p.m.
University Research Explained Series Hosted in the Virtual Faculty Cafe 

Online: Mastering the Craft of Research: Architecture
Tuesday, April 28
11 a.m-1 p.m.
Professor Bruce Race will be interviewed by Professor Patrick Peters


Join DOR Leadership on Teams!

The Division of Research has launched a Teams site to virtually connect with faculty who are interested in research and innovation.

The UH Research & Innovation Teams site will have topic-specific channels where faculty may leave a question for one of our directors. We will host weekly VPR Virtual Office Hours during the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. These 30-minute Q&A sessions will be scheduled in Zoom via our Teams site. The first session will be scheduled for this Friday, April 3 at noon, so be sure to check out the VPR Virtual Office Hours channel on Teams for the current Zoom invitation.

We also intend to schedule some of our sessions that used to be held in the Faculty Cafe through this Teams site on Zoom. Stay tuned!

The DOR hopes that this new virtual discussion forum will allow the faculty and DOR leadership to more frequently and persistently share thoughts, accomplishments and challenges. 

Join Teams

View past announcements on the Division of Research website.

Recent Grant Awards


PI/Department: Weihang Zhu, Engineering Technology
Sponsor: ABS Group / National Academy of Sciences
Amount: $305,456


PI/Department: Lashanda Rand, Physical Plant
Sponsor: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Amount: $290,980


PI/Department: Therese Kosten, Psychology
Co-PIs: Gregory Cuny, Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences; Colin Haile, TIMES
Sponsor: Boston Children's Hospital / National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Amount: $250,932


PI/Department: James Flynn, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Co-PI: Peggy Linder, Information & Logistics Technology
Sponsor: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Amount: $242,000


PI/Department: Robin Gearing, Social Work
Co-PIs: Jamison Kovach, Construction Management; Juan Barthelemy, Social Work
Sponsor: Fort Bend County / U. S. Department of Justice
Amount: $119,526


PI/Department: Konrad Krakowiak, Civil Engineering
Sponsor: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation 
Amount: $118,000


PI/Department: Nicholas Beyda, Pharmacy Practice & Translational Research
Co-PIs: Anne Gonzales-Luna, Kevin Garey
Sponsor: Cidara Therapeutics, Inc
Amount: $86,450


PI/Department: Jinghong Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor: Alphacore, Inc
Amount: $25,000


Featured Funding Opportunities

Health Science, Engineering & Technology Social Sciences, Art & Humanities Education
Image Health

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Title: National Cancer Institute Program Project Applications (P01 Clinical Trial Optional)
LOI Deadline: 04/25/2020
Application Deadline: 05/25/2020

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), issued by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), invites grant applications for investigator-initiated Program Projects (P01) in any area of cancer research. P01 grants support integrated, multiproject research programs involving a number of independent investigators who share knowledge and common resources while working towards a unifying overall scientific goal.

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Title: BRAIN Initiative: Exploratory Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Programs - eTeamBCP
LOI Deadline: 06/14/2020
Application Deadline: 07/14/2020

The overall goal of this FOA is to enable a large-scale analysis of neural systems and circuits within the context and during the simultaneous measurement of an ethologically relevant behavior. Toward this end, teams are expected to assemble and leverage multi-disciplinary expertise, and to integrate experimental with computational and theoretical approaches.

Funding Agency: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Title: Strengthening Regional Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) Networks
Application Deadline: 05/04/2020

In partnership with Ministries of Health and other public and private stakeholders, CDC seeks to accelerate progress toward a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats by building workforce capacity through creation and support of regional networks of field epidemiology and training program (FETP).

Funding Agency: Dept. of the Army – USAMRAA
Title: Ovarian Cancer Research Program Proteogenomics Research Award
Pre-Application Deadline: 07/16/2020
Application Deadline: 07/30/2020

The award is intended to support the genomic and/or transcriptomic and/or proteomic analysis of currently available clinical specimens with a focus on answering biologic and pathophysiologic questions of clinical relevance in ovarian cancer.

Funding Agency: Dept. of the Army – USAMRAA
Title: DOD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Exploration- Hypothesis Development Award
Pre-Application Deadline: 06/18/2020
Application Deadline: 07/09/2020

The mission of the FY20 TSCRP is to fund exploratory, pioneering, and transformative science that promotes discoveries in TSC, from mechanistic insights to clinical application across the lifespan, by supporting new ideas and investigators for the benefit of Service members, their beneficiaries, and the American public.

Funding Agency: Dept. of the Army – USAMRAA
Title: DOD Neurofibromatosis, Early Investigator Research Award
Pre-Application Deadline: 06/25/2020
Application Deadline: 07/09/2020

Toward this end, the NFRP seeks to support innovative, high-impact research that will foster new directions for and address neglected issues in NF research; sponsor multidisciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations that will bring new perspectives

Funding Agency: Dept. of Health and Human Service (HHS)
Title: Engaging Older Adults
LOI Deadline: 04/20/2020
Application Deadline: 05/29/2020

AoA is interested in expanding the reach of the aging network to more effectively assist seniors to remain socially engaged and active.

Funding Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Title: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS): Impact in Population Health
LOI Deadline: 04/30/2020
Application Deadline: 05/29/2020

This NOFO will fund recipients to collect and analyze surveillance data using a sample of telephone numbers, to monitor the prevalence of health risk behaviors that are associated with chronic health problems, preventable injuries and help respond to current and emerging health threats.

Image Science, Engineering, & Technology

Funding Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)
Title: University Transportation Centers Program
LOI Deadline: 04/29/2020
Application Deadline: 05/29/2020

Specifically, this grant solicitation aims to fund one University Transportation Center in these areas:

  • Highly automated transportation systems research.
  • Communications technology and e-commerce effects on travel demand.
  • Implications of accessible automated vehicles for disabled people.
  • Strategic implications of evolving public transit trends.

Funding Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Title: MUREP Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) Planning Grant
Application Deadline: 06/15/2020

M-STAR seeks to address the agency goals and objectives through increasing the institutional awareness of NASA competitive resources that can build the capacity of MSIs to offer and conduct STEM undergraduate and graduate research with a focus on NASA opportunities and connecting MSI administrators and university STEM leaders to cutting-edge initiatives at NASA that can increase interest in securing research and contracting opportunities while supporting NASA’s policy to achieve an Agency-wide goal of providing one percent of total contract value of prime and subcontracting awards to MSIs.

Funding Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Title: NASA MUREP INCLUDES Planning Grant
Application Deadline: 06/15/2020

The NASA MUREP INCLUDES Planning Grant is intended to provide resources to eligible Institutions for the organization of new programs OR the expansion of existing resources to address critical challenges with broad impact. This planning grant enables applicants to prepare for response to a full solicitation, tentatively scheduled to be announced in Fall 2020.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Title: Disrupting Operations of Illicit Supply Networks
Application Deadline: 07/01/2020

Major goals of NSF’s D-ISN include: Improve understanding of the operations of illicit supply networks and strengthen the ability to detect, disrupt, and dismantle them; Enhance research communities that effectively integrate operational, computational, social, cultural and economic expertise to provide methods and strategies to combat this complex and elusive global security challenge; Catalyze game-changing technological innovations that can improve discovery and traceability of illicitly sourced products and illicitly sourced labor inputs to products; Provide research outcomes that inform U.S. national security, law enforcement and economic development needs and policies.

Funding Agency: Department of Defense (DOD)

Title: Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative N00014-20-S-F003 - Topic 23: (AFOSR) Quantum Random Access Memory

LOI Deadline: 06/01/2020

Application Deadline: 09/14/2020

The MURI program supports basic research in science and engineering at U.S. institutions of higher education (hereafter referred to as "universities") that is of potential interest to DoD. The program is focused on multidisciplinary research efforts where more than one traditional discipline interacts to provide rapid advances in scientific areas of interest to the DOD.

Funding Agency: Dept. of the Army – USACE
Title: Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)
Pre-Application Deadline: 05/01/2020
Application Deadline: 05/29/2020

ITL conducts research and development in informatics and computational science and engineering with particular emphasis on highperformance computing, computer-aided and interdisciplinary engineering, computer science, and instrumentation systems.

Funding Agency: DARPA - Biological Technologies Office
Title: ADvanced Acclimation and Protection Tool for Environmental Readiness (ADAPTER)
Abstract Deadline: 04/29/2020
Application Deadline: 06/18/2020

To maximize warfighter performance, the ADvanced Acclimation and Protection Tool for Environmental Readiness (ADAPTER) program will develop systems to provide warfighters with control over their own physiology. This program will integrate therapeutic cellular factories and biomolecules into an internal, bioelectronics carrier that the warfighter can signal, as needed, to initiate the production and release of therapies that either eliminate the principal cause of traveler's diarrhea - pathogenic bacteria – or regulate disrupted circadian rhythms caused by jetlag or shift work schedules

Funding Agency: Department of Energy (DOE)
Title: FAIR Data and Models for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
LOI Deadline: 04/17/2020
Application Deadline: 05/15/2020

The DOE SC program in Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) hereby announces its interest in making research data and artificial intelligence (AI) models findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR1) to facilitate the development of new AI applications in SC’s congressionally authorized mission space, which includes the advancement of AI research and development.

Funding Agency: Department of Energy (DOE)
Title: Novel Research and Development for the Direct Capture of Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere
Application Deadline: 05/29/2020

This FOA is comprised of two Areas of Interest (AOI) targeting the development of new materials for use in DAC (AOI-1) and the continued advancement and field testing of DAC technologies currently under development (AOI-2).

Social Science, Arts and Humanities

Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Arts
Title: Research Grants In The Arts - Track One: Value and Impact
Application Deadline: 04/13/2020

Some of the most compelling research about the arts has originated in non-arts specialties: labor economics, for example, with its lessons about the arts' impact on national and local productivity; cognitive neuroscience, with its discoveries about the arts' role in shaping human development and learning-related outcomes; urban planning work that seeks to understand the arts as a marker of community vitality; and psychological or physical health-related or therapeutic studies that posit the arts' relationship to individual well-being.

Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Arts
Title: Research Grants In The Arts - Track Two: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs
Application Deadline: 04/13/2020

Eligible projects under this track must use experimental/quasi-experimental design methods and must, at minimum, include at least one arts-based intervention group and at least one non-arts-based control/comparison group.


Funding Agency: Department of Education
Title: Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Statistical and Research Methodology in Education
Application Deadline: 07/30/2020

Through the National Center for Education Research (NCER), the Institute of Education Sciences (Institute) provides support for programs of research in areas of demonstrated national need. The Institute’s research grant programs are designed to provide interested individuals and the general public with reliable and valid information about education practices that support learning and improve academic achievement and access to education opportunities for all learners.

For more information about available grants, visit our Pivot system or

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