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04/01/2020, 04:10:01 PM
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Answers for PIs Regarding Research Continuity

We continue to monitor the local and global health situation around the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Harris County issued a "Stay Home. Work Safe." order, which is now in effect through April 29. The Division of Research has guidelines on the "Stay Home. Work Safe." webpage. DOR support services will continue to operate remotely.

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Campus News

Nanotech Coating Developed by
UH Researchers Improves Protective Abilities of Surgical Masks

Seamus Curran, a professor of physics who is well-known for his work commercializing nanotechnologies, is using a hydrophobic coating he developed almost a decade ago to improve the ability of surgical masks to protect against transmission of the virus.

UH Researchers Donate Protective Equipment to Health Care Workers on Front Lines

Health care facilities across the country are preparing for a surge of COVID-19 patients in the coming weeks with a growing concern over the safety of the workers on the front lines of the fight. A national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) – gloves, masks and protective coveralls – has prompted hospital systems to solicit donations from the oil and gas, chemical and industrial painting industries among others, including higher education.

When the Texas Medical Center asked for help from anyone with access to these much-needed supplies, University of Houston researchers answered the call.

Big Idea Blog: Citation Farms and Circles of Self-Citation

Self-citation is a sensitive topic in some circles. Especially circles that are known disdainfully as “citation farms,” which consist of authors who routinely and massively self-cite or cite each other in order to boost the impact of their publications. While these “citation farms,” also known as “citation cartels,” are thought to be the hallmark of bad science, most researchers agree there is room for self-citation — but that it’s just good practice to limit the practice when possible.

Upcoming Events

Online: VPR Virtual Office Hours
Friday, April 3
12 p.m.-12:30 p.m.
A weekly Q&A Session for the UH Research Community to ask questions to the DOR leadership
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Online: XSEDE High Performance Computing Workshop - BIG DATA
Tuesday/Wednesday, April 7-8

Online: Reconstructing Ancient Syria
Thursday, April 9
11 a.m.-12 p.m.


Join DOR Leadership on Teams!

The Division of Research has launched a Teams site to virtually connect with faculty who are interested in research and innovation.

The UH Research & Innovation Teams site will have topic-specific channels where faculty may leave a question for one of our directors. We will host weekly VPR Virtual Office Hours during the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. These 30-minute Q&A sessions will be scheduled in Zoom via our Teams site. The first session will be scheduled for this Friday, April 3 at noon, so be sure to check out the VPR Virtual Office Hours channel on Teams for the current Zoom invitation.

We also intend to schedule some of our sessions that used to be held in the Faculty Cafe through this Teams site on Zoom. Stay tuned!

The DOR hopes that this new virtual discussion forum will allow the faculty and DOR leadership to more frequently and persistently share thoughts, accomplishments and challenges. 

Join Teams

View past announcements on the Division of Research website.

Recent Grant Awards


PI/Department: Vijaykrishna Raghunathan, Optometry
Sponsor: University of California - Davis / National Eye Institute
Amount: $428,400


PI/Department: Luis Medina, Psychology
Sponsor: Alzheimer's Association
Amount: $150,000


PI/Department: Sheara Jennings, Social Work
Sponsor: Change Happens / U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Amount: $112,000


PI/Department: Preethi Gunaratne, Biology & Biochemistry
Sponsor: Redvault Biosciences / National Cancer Institute
Amount: $74,246


PI/Department: Xinli Liu, Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sponsor: University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center / National Cancer Institute
Amount: $50,000


PI/Department: Sang-Hyuk Chung, Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling
Sponsor: Golfers Against Cancer - Houston
Amount: $50,000


PI/Department: Sang-Hyuk Chung, Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling
Sponsor: Golfers Against Cancer - Houston
Amount: $20,000


PI/Department: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Art
Sponsor: Houston Arts Alliance
Amount: $10,000


PI/Department: Vijaykrishna Raghunathan, Optometry
Sponsor: Sigma Xi
Amount: $2,499


PI/Department: Luis Medina, Psychology
Sponsor: Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology
Amount: $1,500


Featured Funding Opportunities

Health Science, Engineering & Technology Social Sciences, Art & Humanities Education
Image Health

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Title: Asthma and Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers (U19 Clinical Trial Optional)
LOI Deadline: 07/27/2020
Application Deadline: 08/28/2020

The program will support centers that integrate clinical and translational research to conduct studies on the mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of diseases of interest, including asthma, rhinitis (allergic and non-allergic), chronic rhinosinusitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy and drug allergy. The overarching goal of the program is to improve the understanding of the pathogenesis of these conditions and to provide a rational foundation for new, effective treatments and prevention strategies. 

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Title: Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Methods and Analysis for Populations of Diverse Ancestry – Study Sites (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
LOI Deadline: 05/23/2020
Application Deadline: 06/23/2020

The goal of the intended FOA is to establish Study Sites for PRS Methods and Analysis for Populations of Diverse Ancestry to collaboratively generate and refine PRS for populations of diverse ancestry by integrating existing datasets with genomic and phenotype data for a range of complex diseases and traits. Together with a Coordinating Center (described in a separate FOA), grantees funded under the intended FOA will form a Consortium with the primary objectives of: 1) leveraging genetic diversity to develop methods and improve the applicability of PRS to predict health and disease risk across diverse populations, and for a broad range of health and disease measures; and 2) optimizing the integration of large-scale, harmonized genomic and phenotype data to facilitate collaborative analysis, dissemination of PRS-related data, and development of related methods and resources.

Funding Agency: American Association for Cancer Research
Title: AACR NextGen Grants  for Transformative Cancer Research
LOI Deadline: 05/05/2020
Application Deadline: 08/07/2020

The proposed research must represent a highly innovative approach to a major contemporary challenge in cancer research. The funded projects must have the potential to lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the field, and transform our understanding of the tumorigenesis process and/or our ability to treat, detect, or prevent cancer. While the research proposed for funding may be basic, translational, or clinical in nature in any area of cancer research, at least one AACR NextGen Grant will be awarded to a breast cancer-focused project.

Funding Agency: Mark Foundation
Title: Mark Foundation Emerging Leader Awards
LOI Deadline: 06/04/2020

The Mark Foundation Emerging Leader Awards support innovative research from the next generation of leaders in cancer research. These grants are awarded to outstanding early career investigators to support high-impact, high-risk projects that are distinct from their current research portfolio.

Funding Agency: Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium  (MTEC)
Title: Military Operational Medicine (MOM) - Improving Protection through Metrics for Exposure to Blast, and Enhancing Cognitive Health, Performance and Psychological Health
Application Deadline: 04/08/2020

This RPP specifically targets solutions to the following Focus Areas (see Section 4 for more details): FOCUS AREA #1 (Whole Body Blast): Development of survivability criteria and vital organ injury metrics for the whole body when exposed to extreme blast exposures (e.g., IEDs); FOCUS AREA #2 (Cognitive / Brain Health & Performance): Development and validation of personalized training or material (pharmacological/technological) approaches to build and enhance cognitive/brain health, performance and psychological health.

Funding Agency: Dept. of Army- USAMRAA
Title: Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program, Career Development Award
Pre-Application Deadline: 07/30/2020

The goal of the PRCRP is to improve quality of life by decreasing the impact of cancer on active duty Service members, their families, Veterans and the American public. The PRCRP is charged by Congress with the mission to investigate cancer risks and knowledge gaps that may be relevant to active duty Service members, their families, other military beneficiaries and the American public.

Funding Agency: Centers for Disease Control
Title: BOLD Public Health Centers of Excellence to Address Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Application Deadline: 05/26/2020

This announcement will fund Public Health Centers of Excellence (PHCOE) to support nationwide implementation of RM actions by choosing one topic-specific area for their focus. These areas are: Dementia Caregiving, Dementia Risk Reduction, and Early Detection of Dementia. The activities for each PHCOE align directly with the RM actions identified for each topic area. Recipients will identify and translate promising research findings, and promote best practices for nationwide, systems-level public health dissemination and uptake by state, local, tribal, and other programs.

Image Science, Engineering, & Technology

Funding Agency: Department of Transportation (DoT)
Title: FAA Aviation Research and Development Grants
Application Deadline: 04/06/2020

The principal initiatives of these areas are the development, standardization and application of equipment required for air traffic services. The FAA's goals are to exploit emerging technologies in order to provide cost-effective services and equipment that have high levels of reliability, availability and coverage.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Title: Quantum Algorithm Challenge
Application Deadline: 04/15/2020

An NSF working group invites the submission of Research Concept Outlines (RCOs) (maximum length three pages) describing research ideas that may lead to EAGER (Early-Concept Grants for Exploratory Research) (EAGER)4 or Research Advanced by Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (RAISE)5 proposals focused on topics in the following three tracks: QSA: quantum computing simulation algorithms for quantum many-body systems; QIA: quantum information algorithms, which aims to expand the set of known quantum-computing algorithms with application in computer science, mathematics, and statistics; QCH: quantum computing horizons which explores potentially transformative new paradigms for quantum computation.

Funding Agency: Department of Energy (DOE)
Title: Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Institutes
LOI Deadline: 04/14/2020
Application Deadline: 05/12/2020

Beyond the scientific computing and computational science research embedded in the Office of Science (SC) Core Programs, SC invests in a portfolio of coordinated research efforts directed at exploiting the emerging capabilities of high performance computing. The research projects in this portfolio respond to the extraordinary difficulties of realizing sustained peak performance for those scientific applications that require high performance computing capabilities to accomplish their research goals.

Funding Agency: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Title: Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Office-Wide Broad Agency Announcement
Abstract Deadline: 05/26/2020
Application Deadline: 06/26/2020

As MTO evolves to address future microsystems-related challenges, the office has identified three target thrust areas: (1) Electronics: Managing Moore’s Inflection, (2) Spectrum: Enhancing Our Advantage with Agility and Autonomy, and (3) Sensors: Decentralized Sensors for the DoD.

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Title: Dear Colleague Letter: Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-Engineering Conferences
Application Deadline: 05/22/2020

Through this Dear Colleague Letter (DCL), the NSF Directorate for Engineering (ENG) plans to fund workshops to identify critical needs for unique research infrastructure that can serve a research community at a national needs level, and have the potential to significantly advance engineering research. Such workshops are typically identified as conferences in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), and will hereafter be referred to as conferences. Prior to submitting a conference proposal, the PI must contact one of the Points of Contact listed on the DCL.

Funding Agency: COMBATING TERRORISM TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICE/ Technical Support Working Group
Title: Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) 20S3060
Application Deadline: 04/20/2020

CTTSO has opened BAA 20S3060 to solicit concepts for innovative research and development projects.

Funding Agency: Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Title: Machine Learning in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Application Deadline: 04/16/2020

The Dreyfus program for Machine Learning in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering provides funding for innovative projects in any area of Machine Learning (ML) consistent with the Foundation’s broad objective to advance the chemical sciences and engineering. The Foundation anticipates that these projects will contribute new fundamental chemical insight and innovation in the field.

Social Science, Arts and Humanities

Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Title: Research and Development - Tier I: Planning, Basic Research, or Adaptation
Application Deadline: 05/15/2020

This notice solicits applications for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Preservation and Access Research and Development program. The Research and Development program supports projects that address major challenges in preserving or providing access to humanities collections and resources.

Funding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Title: Research and Development - Tier II: Advanced Implementation
Application Deadline: 05/15/2020

This level supports projects at a more advanced stage of implementation for the following activities: Development of standards, practices, methodologies, or workflows for preserving and creating access to humanities collections., Applied research addressing preservation and access issues concerning humanities collections.


Funding Agency: Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)
Title: Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives Grant
Pre-Application Deadline: 05/20/2020

Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Enabling New Scholarship through Increasing Access to Unique Materials is a national grant competition administered by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) for digitizing rare and unique content in collecting institutions.


Funding Agency: Department of Education
Title: Institute of Education Sciences (IES): Statistical and Research Methodology in Education
Application Deadline: 07/30/2020

Through the National Center for Education Research (NCER), the Institute of Education Sciences (Institute) provides support for programs of research in areas of demonstrated national need. The Institute’s research grant programs are designed to provide interested individuals and the general public with reliable and valid information about education practices that support learning and improve academic achievement and access to education opportunities for all learners.

For more information about available grants, visit our Pivot system or

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